5.Blockchain system supporting email ecosystem

The email system in the Web3.0 era requires the support of blockchain infrastructure to achieve the upgrade and innovation of original products. The underlying support for multiple applications such as email, marketing, storage, etc. is difficult to complete with one blockchain. In the long run, a blockchain infrastructure composed of a multi-chain system is needed. These applications can run on existing public chain systems or on specific blockchain systems.

5.1. Basic email blockchain

In the early stage, due to the application of email certificates and a large number of digital goods in emails, our project team transformed an EVM compatible chain based on Ethereum, laying a certain foundation for professional customization of the email ecosystem. Currently, the running public chain adopts the POA consensus mechanism. Although there are centralization issues, it has met the needs in the early stage. In the future, this public chain will adopt a more decentralized consensus mechanism, and its functions and protocols will be more suitable for the email field. In the future, we will continue to improve and upgrade the email blockchain system based on the development situation and referring to excellent public chains in the industry.

Because of the advantages of EVM-compatible chains, cross-chain and smart contract deployment can also be easily implemented. The current blockchain system has been running for nearly a year, and has been upgraded and customized during the period, and has experienced the use of some products, such as MMS, NFT marketplace and other applications.

For important economic model content in the email blockchain system, please refer to the introduction in Section 7.1.

5.2. A multi-chain vision plan

The email blockchain system is used in the early stage of marketing products. The NFTs used in marketing are all built in the email blockchain. The incentive tokens used in the early stage of marketing and the email tokens are temporarily used. The specific proportion description and stage transition are in the economic model. subsections for more detailed instructions.

For the storage public chain, BCDN public chain, and computing public chain, it is a long-term plan that will be implemented gradually according to the development of the situation, or the public chain system of the partner will be used.

Ultimately, the email ecosystem in the Web 3.0 will be built on a multi-chain and cross-chain system to support a powerful email ecosystem in the new era. This email ecosystem also better reflects the ideological essence of Web 3.0: user-centered, economic incentives, and autonomy and co-governance. The schematic diagram of this multi-chain is as follows:

Whether mature financial applications in the current blockchain system, such as DeFi, stablecoins and other applications, will be integrated into the email multi-chain system will depend on the development of the project, and mature partners will be considered for construction.

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