8. Conclusion

Web3.0 built on blockchain technology will usher in a great era. Compared with the limitations of native blockchain applications, Web3.0 applications are more suitable for the public and weaken the financial attributes of many applications. The technical attributes and economic attributes in the blockchain have a direct impact and transformation ability on the email system, which ultimately manifests as a rich variety of traditional and innovative functions at the application layer. Compared with the current email system, the next generation email system will be very different from the functions to the value. In particular, its ecological changes will be even greater, which is worthy of all our expectations.

As the infrastructure of Web3.0, blockchain technology has experienced 14 years of development and is still growing, with many imperfections. The Web3.0 technology stack system has only been established for a few years. The maturity of its protocol stack and the popularity of its applications are both in the early stages and require longer development and improvement.

We will maintain our own growth path based on the maturity of the external environment. On the one hand, we will boldly try the innovation brought by blockchain technology and Web3.0 technology, on the other hand, we will also maintain the usability and ease of use of the product, which will form an application idea that combines and complements centralized technology and decentralized technology. The specific external environment and internal development routes it relies on will make the project risky and uncertain, requiring joint construction by all participants. This will be a long-term process.

In the end, driven by the development of the times, the next generation of email systems and new ecosystems will definitely emerge. I hope that we will be the builders of these new things, and that the results of the construction will belong to all of us builders and benefit more people.

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